Dirty Tacos Radiohole & The Collapsable Giraffe first opened the doors of the Collapsable hole in December 2000. Since then THIS RENOVATED GARAGE HAS SERVED AS BOTH REHEARSAL AND PERFORMANCE SPACE TO BOTH COMPANIES. THE C-HOLE HAS ALSO HOSTED THE WORK OF OTHER ARTIST INCLUDING:

Julia Francis' St Latrice, Anna Kohler's Hardly Knowing, Linas Phillips and Kourtney Rutherford's Northwind/Turkey Timber, Karyn Hair's Liquid Miserable Regards, Elevator Repair Services' Show of Shows & Gatsby, and Real People Theater's Tough. The Collapsable Hole has hosted one of New York's most popular variety shows, The Dog and Pony Show as well as monthly dance parties and numerous other events including the CD release party for Drench the musical collaboration of Koosil-ja, Suzzy Roche, and Kate Valk.

A word here; a phrase there... innuendoes... and subtleties... and when the time is right, man, we move in for the kill: No mercy!!