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with The Collapsable Giraffe

I'm talkin' about somethin' new, baby. I'm talkin' about something the world's never seen before. You get today's chicks, man. You get these bitches, you open up a place called New Wave Hookers. I'm serious, man, you pick these chicks up, you get 'em programmed to fuck by music, man. That's what you do.

The Collapsable Hole, February, 2001
The Radiohole Studio, May, 2000

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Emergency, Matvei Yankelevich Bend Your Mind Off
"All that's left is pure laughable anguish."

Village Voice, Alexis Soloski Fake Germans Enjoy Beer, Porn
"...rickety set, gimcrack tech equipment, heads slammed into mikes, bodies thrown against rubber, flung tampons, and beer bottles hurled in the dark..."

Time Out, David Cote Bend Your Mind Off
"...it seems like a laundry list of unconnected perversities"