Radiohole and their half brother Joe "Shoot 'em up" Silovsky are up to their old tricks in this spaghetti docu-drama guest-staring Guy Debord. A gang of murderous poultry fiends shoot it out at Norton's Disco Chicken Lickin Haven and settle in for a peaceful dinner and discussions on the meaning of it all (not hardly).

The Collapsable HOle Jan-Feb 2004
Black Box Oslo Norway April 8,9,10
Teaterhuset Avant Garden Trondheim Norway April 15,16,17
BIT Teatergarasjen Bergen Norway April 21,22,23,24

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The New York Times, Jason Zinoman Bad Table Manners, but Fancy Names to Quote
"Never, under any circumstances, invite them to dinner."

The Village Voice, Alexis Soloski Cooking With Cowboys
"...They've taken a deconstructed fuck-up of a western and contrived to make it alarming, surprising, and very nearly profound"

TimeOut NY, Lisa Quintela Radiohole is Still My Name
"[it] unfolds like a deranged KFC commercial crossed with a trippy Western."

Offoffonline, Steve Luber Take It and Eat It
"Thank the sweet Lord above for Radiohole."

The Brooklyn Rail, Brook Stowe Radiohole is Still Their Name
"...a remarkable display of both gymnastic masticating and just plain old down-home, belch-ripping guzzling."

Culturebot, by Culturebot Touch Me I'm Radiohole
"...remember the giddy euphoria you felt the first time you dropped acid? "